Monday Introduction

Friends, I am so glad that you decided to stop by today! Happy Monday, and cheers to a great week ahead!

Being that Feather & Oak Photography is new to all of you, I thought it would be great if I gave you a little more information about the gal behind the lens.

My name is Leah, owner and photographer here at Feather & Oak. Originally from Illinois, the Midwest will always hold a piece of my heart. I grew up riding horses,  and have some of my best memories on the back of my horse, Sandy. I’m a dental hygienist by day (don’t forget to floss!) and a lover of all things wild and free. I have 7 pretty barred rock hens, and 1 sweet and sassy rooster. You will probably see these  little ones on here from time to time.

I believe that love should be an adventure. I love to travel, and am totally smitten by sexy accents. I climb rocks, am a triathlete, and an amateur gardener. I delight in walking barefoot through the grass, and spending a lazy summer afternoon floating in my pond. I love live bluegrass, and will totally dance like no one is watching. I have an addiction to bacon, chocolate, and candles from Anthropologie (the ones that smell like the store) I am also amassing my collection of books and globes for my (future) study.

Come August, I will also be a new auntie! I love my family, and miss them like crazy, but I am loving this life that I am creating for myself, and enjoying where each day takes me.

I’d love to get to know you a little better too! What are some of your loves? Your dreams? Your adventures?